Our life as a homeschooling Family in the land of Aus :)

When I can, I hope to come here and keep a journal or the likes about our daily life as a homeschooling family in Australia. For anyone that reads further than this, please don't judge too harshly or take our word as gospel. We're just people trying to live life as best we can without getting in the way of others wanting to live theirs :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Matthew wanted others to enjoy his story so here it is :) hope you like it :)

Matthew's Stories

An old Lady eats a pot and chokes. Then hits the camera and everyone who's watching gets dizzy and vomits :p

He's walking, walking, walking, walking, walking...running, running, running, running...slips on a tile, lands on a cactus, falls on a chair and lands his face on a door! And faints :o

He gets a book and slaps it on his eyeball, walks all the way under an electric wire. The army man came and the army man opened up the door and there was someone in the toilet and he slaps the door on him and smashes him through the window and on a some sharp glass already smashed. Put the glass pieces out of him, he catches a football and there's a stampede of football men running at him. He drops the ball, trips over it, all the other football men trip over the ball onto some broken cars then a couple land on a fire. Some other people landed on a toilet and the last person landed on a dog, a cat, a bird, a mouse and a fish tank. They all stood and he still had the football, he kept on running until he stopped at a naked old woman :o who whacked the man with a baseball bat, shot him with a gun, threw a door, threw some glass, threw some wood and whacked the man and landed on a prickly bush ouch! He jumped out of the bush, ran to Africa, an elephant squished him, a lion ate him up and pooed him out. He went to some men who wanted to kill him for supper. He ran as fast as he could into a car, squished all the people an aeroplane landed on the car. He tried to get out but everyone farted in the aeroplane, he nearly fainted but he kept on going. He walked on prickles, whacked himself with a big TV, got a chair through it up in the air, then it landed back on him with a couple of dynamites. Went through the clouds into a banana tree, the monkeys smacked him on the face 130 times and tried to runaway but the man couldn't. He slipped on a banana peel into a gorrila squad who tries to kill humans. He started getting some cactus' thrown at him and he was running on the farting plane. He fainted and fell off it.

Someone was sitting on a chair, someone turned the lights off, pushed a spikey weed on him. Falls off the chair, hits his face on some splinters, a spider lands on his back, walks into an army man. The army shoots him and he lived to tell the tale :)

Someone was swinging a light bulb with a rope attached to it. It smashes, the glass goes on his face, he does the splits on a skinny TV :p and falls on an old man ;0

Someone's walking to a chair and trips on the chair smacks his face on the chair and falls on a cat and domino's go all the way until there was a candle. There's some dynamite at the end and someone's walking to it and they blow their face off.

Someone walks up a ladder, slides down a railing and whacks his face on a pole. Falls on to the stairs, falls through under the stairs, lands on a big candle, dies and someone put him in ashes.