Our life as a homeschooling Family in the land of Aus :)

When I can, I hope to come here and keep a journal or the likes about our daily life as a homeschooling family in Australia. For anyone that reads further than this, please don't judge too harshly or take our word as gospel. We're just people trying to live life as best we can without getting in the way of others wanting to live theirs :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Matthew wanted others to enjoy his story so here it is :) hope you like it :)

Matthew's Stories

An old Lady eats a pot and chokes. Then hits the camera and everyone who's watching gets dizzy and vomits :p

He's walking, walking, walking, walking, walking...running, running, running, running...slips on a tile, lands on a cactus, falls on a chair and lands his face on a door! And faints :o

He gets a book and slaps it on his eyeball, walks all the way under an electric wire. The army man came and the army man opened up the door and there was someone in the toilet and he slaps the door on him and smashes him through the window and on a some sharp glass already smashed. Put the glass pieces out of him, he catches a football and there's a stampede of football men running at him. He drops the ball, trips over it, all the other football men trip over the ball onto some broken cars then a couple land on a fire. Some other people landed on a toilet and the last person landed on a dog, a cat, a bird, a mouse and a fish tank. They all stood and he still had the football, he kept on running until he stopped at a naked old woman :o who whacked the man with a baseball bat, shot him with a gun, threw a door, threw some glass, threw some wood and whacked the man and landed on a prickly bush ouch! He jumped out of the bush, ran to Africa, an elephant squished him, a lion ate him up and pooed him out. He went to some men who wanted to kill him for supper. He ran as fast as he could into a car, squished all the people an aeroplane landed on the car. He tried to get out but everyone farted in the aeroplane, he nearly fainted but he kept on going. He walked on prickles, whacked himself with a big TV, got a chair through it up in the air, then it landed back on him with a couple of dynamites. Went through the clouds into a banana tree, the monkeys smacked him on the face 130 times and tried to runaway but the man couldn't. He slipped on a banana peel into a gorrila squad who tries to kill humans. He started getting some cactus' thrown at him and he was running on the farting plane. He fainted and fell off it.

Someone was sitting on a chair, someone turned the lights off, pushed a spikey weed on him. Falls off the chair, hits his face on some splinters, a spider lands on his back, walks into an army man. The army shoots him and he lived to tell the tale :)

Someone was swinging a light bulb with a rope attached to it. It smashes, the glass goes on his face, he does the splits on a skinny TV :p and falls on an old man ;0

Someone's walking to a chair and trips on the chair smacks his face on the chair and falls on a cat and domino's go all the way until there was a candle. There's some dynamite at the end and someone's walking to it and they blow their face off.

Someone walks up a ladder, slides down a railing and whacks his face on a pole. Falls on to the stairs, falls through under the stairs, lands on a big candle, dies and someone put him in ashes.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

All Dreams - Book 1 The Snake Chase

Chapter One - The Forest

My name is Melissa and one morning when I woke up I saw on my bed a snake :o I screamed "aaaahhhhhh...", my friends were sleeping over. Their names are Natalie and Luke. My brother's name is Matthew. I woke Matthew up first and then I woke up Luke and lastly Natalie. We ran outside...my backyard was not quite the same. My backyard had turned into a FOREST and my dad's shed had become jinormous! "Woow, that is big alright!" I said. We ran into the forest first because we had no choice as the snake was after us. I ran as fast as I could and when I ran I saw a big jinormous centipede with millions of legs. I picked it up and threw it over our heads onto the snakes head 'plunck' the snake fell over and we ran as fast as we could out of the forest.

Chapter Two - The Shed

There was a ladder up against the shed. I said to Matthew, Luke & Natalie "Don't be scared, I know it's high but it's our only choice". They were relieved to hear that :) So we climbed up the ladder and finally we reached the top. So we ran across the shed roof, the snake slithered up the ladder and we turned to see it's head peering over the top of the ladder. I saw a bucket of slippery oil so I quickly picked it up and I went in front of the ladder and I went back pouring the oil over the roof of the shed and then when it was finished I threw it off the shed and then the snake didn't notice there was slippery oil on the shed so it slithered on the shed and it fell over with a big 'CLUNK, POOF'. I'm sure the snake must have got a headache from that fall.

Chapter Three - The Boxing Ring

We jumped off the shed onto the trampoline and then it transformed into a boxing arena. Then we quickly got some boxing gloves and we started fighting the snake and then Matthew had a big 'BANG' and the snake shot off into the air fell over with a big 'CLUNK'.

Chapter Four - The Gypsies

We went out of the boxing arena into another portal and then we found ourselves amongst gypsies who were collecting gold and jewelry. We quickly got some jewelry and threw it onto the snakes head and then it got even more angrier. Then it started going faster and faster and faster. We raaaannnn as fast as we could and we went as fast as fast as fast and then we got some gold this time. Then we threw it at his head again.

To be cont...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun at the beach

Today we decided to try meeting up with some other homeschoolers at a park on the beach. I am so glad we did as the kids had a ball and I enjoyed the company of the other mums. We arrived just after everyone else. The get together was for 1.5hrs but we all stayed for 2.5hrs. Thankfully they left the same time as us otherwise I would have had a hard time getting the kids to leave.

 There were about a dozen kids all up mostly around Mat and Mel's age though a couple older. Tabs was the only toddler there but another family arrived not homeschool related and she interacted with their toddler for a bit.

First they played hide-e-go seek tiggy in the play ground than when they'd had enough of that they all came out for a drink and played red rover out in the open grassy area. Even though it was late in the a'noon it was still quiet hot so they found another grassy area under some trees and played red light, green light. It was so enjoyable watching them all interact with one another like they were old friends and it was even better to see the older kids guiding the younger ones gently when explaining the rules of the games. They all ended up back in the play ground playing tiggy once again before we all headed home again.

On our way home the kids convinced me it was also a good idea to stop off at Hungry Jacks for a choc coated ice-cream which I watched them eat in envy :p

Monday, January 24, 2011

Melissa's Life

One morning I woke up and I saw my brother playing the play station and then he called me over to play with him and I said yes so we played it. When we were finished I put on a DVD and mummy was having breakfast sitting on the couch we both watched the movie then I had to do my school work after I had done my school work I had to look after Tabitha which is my sister she is only one. While Matthew was doing his school work I had to look after Tabitha. With Tabitha I jumped on the trampoline with her, we walked around the backyard together. After that we went upstairs and Tabitha rode her kiddy bike and I borrowed Matthew's rip stick and sat on it and used my hands to push myself along. After that Tabitha had to go to bed than a little while later Matthew was finally finished his school work. Then we had lunch, it was spagetti and salad and soy sauce on top of the spagetti and it was delicious. After lunch we played the play station again while Tabitha was still asleep then we went downstairs and we played lego. After that mummy called down, Tabitha is awake so after she has lunch she has to play with Matthew and me because mummy's going to mop and clean up the house. Then Tabitha finished her lunch so mummy brang her downstairs and then we played with her outside. First we went on the trampoline, secondly we put Tabitha in the swing and we pushed her high then we looked at the baby birds in the nest in the tree in our backyard. We have a tree in the backyard with 3 baby birds. One is very little and two of them look like they're twins. After that we didn't really play with Tabitha anymore because we looked at Matthew's bird house that he made at art class last year. Then we had an idea. Matthew had an idea that we could put that bird house into the tree but we think we could put it in the mango tree so we carried it over to the mango tree and then Matthew got an idea and said 'we can get a ladder' so we got a ladder brang it over to the mango tree and we put it there. Then Matthew needed to go to the toilet, after that, he thought he might break a leg so we put the bird cage away and the ladder then mummy came down with Tabitha and guess what happened Tabitha sneaked away upstairs and we had to look after Tabitha again because we weren't concentrating after that we went under the house and played Lego and Matthew said to hide your house so Tabitha doesn't wreck it and I said don't be silly Tabitha's only interested of getting all the Lego out of the boxes so she got all the Lego out of the boxes and suddenly she wrecked it so I put it up on the table then all the rest was on the floor and suddenly it got wreck so I went to ask mummy how many more minutes. She said five so we still played Lego with Tabitha and then Matthew went and asked mummy how long and she said two minutes so we went outside and looked at the birds and Tabitha was running around the backyard. Then mummy yelled down you can come up now so we went under the house and Tabitha was eating the cat food so I yelled out to mummy "mummy, Tabitha's eating the cat food" and she said "OK, well put it up and bring her up here and I'll get it out of her mouth" so we put it up and we brang her upstairs after that mummy was in the shower I gave Tabitha to mummy and mummy said that's a lot in her mouth and she got it out and put it in the bin then she said get ready to go get mummy a blood test so we got ready, got in the car, suddenly we're there we went inside and mummy got her blood test. After that we went back to the car and mummy said 'who wants ice-cream' and Matthew & me said 'YES!' so we went to Hungry Jacks and we went inside and we bought something to eat and to drink then we went to have a play and we were playing in the playground 'spys'. Spys is a game where you look at people and they can't see you. That is what spy means and we played spys with mummy and Tabitha so after that we went in the car and we drove home. Daddy was home from work and me and Matthew played outside by ourselves just running around. Then Matthew went upstairs, he played the play station. Then I went upstairs, things were different. I had to have a bath with Tabitha and then I got out and Matthew went in the bath with Tabitha and I came out here with mummy and we typed this up.