Our life as a homeschooling Family in the land of Aus :)

When I can, I hope to come here and keep a journal or the likes about our daily life as a homeschooling family in Australia. For anyone that reads further than this, please don't judge too harshly or take our word as gospel. We're just people trying to live life as best we can without getting in the way of others wanting to live theirs :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'll think of better titles as we go along ;)

This is really just to keep track of my homeschooling family life so that I can look back and see all the great stuff we got up to along with the ups and downs of living in one anothers pockets :p

Anyway, too much to say to try catch up so will just start from today and things will eventually make sense I'm sure ;) by the way I love using emoticons so don't be surprised if you see a few more than normal :)

Today the kids woke at the break of dawn and raced back down the backyard to continue their excavation of our backyard in the search for more diamonds :p they found one yesterday (maybe a bit of glass, but I'm not going to spoil their fun). I'll try upload some pics of their workings.

Mel writing down how many gems they have found so far with their excavation

Mat drilling a hole to find more diamonds ;)

They've put a tarp up to keep the rain out

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