Our life as a homeschooling Family in the land of Aus :)

When I can, I hope to come here and keep a journal or the likes about our daily life as a homeschooling family in Australia. For anyone that reads further than this, please don't judge too harshly or take our word as gospel. We're just people trying to live life as best we can without getting in the way of others wanting to live theirs :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Free Fridays ;)

Today is our day with nana (my mum). Generally we go shopping and out for lunch. I was really happy that the kids off their own bat asked for some multiplication sums today while driving in the car :o Mel has just figured out how to multiply so is really keen with anything to do with it. I was really happy to see that especially from Mat as he diverts from anything 'school' like no tomorrow but here we were driving while learning maths :) anyway another great thing I noticed today was when I took them to timezone games, they went to collect their prizes Mat had 30 points left to spend and he asked for 2 lollies that were worth 15 points each!!! he knew 2 x 15 = 30 :)

Below are some pics of the kids the other day. Mat & Mel decided to cook chocolate cake and Tabs loves spending time with her bestest buddy :)

I made the cupcakes with my own reciepe :)

I made the giant cake in the middle and my brother helped decorate it with me :)

You should never neglect your teeth :p she only has two lol but loves her toothbrushes :)
Edited to add: I forgot to mention our trip to the dentist on Thursday was all good :) a little bit of plaque but no holes for any of us so we're clear for another 6mths :) I actually think it's a good time span to get a professional clean as it's proven so far that the plaque hasn't caused any damage within this timeframe and they can just clean it away :) no drilling or extracting :o :p 

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