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When I can, I hope to come here and keep a journal or the likes about our daily life as a homeschooling family in Australia. For anyone that reads further than this, please don't judge too harshly or take our word as gospel. We're just people trying to live life as best we can without getting in the way of others wanting to live theirs :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Art Class is always lots of fun :)

They continued again this morning with their search for treasures in the backyard, though this time it was for gold :p they stayed down there pretty much until it was time to go to art class :)

Lately we've been blessed to be a part of a group of families who get together once a week for a couple of hours for the kids to learn art and have a bit of fun. This time the kids got to create a 'Torn paper sea scene'

Mat said the best part was making the torn scrape paper sea

They used scrap paper, craft glue, oil pastels, tissue paper, goggle eyes, dye, spongebrush, glitter, glue stick, cartridge paper and a dolphin template.

Mel thought it was fun to enhance the detail of the painting with craft glue and sprinkle glitter.

Today they were also presented with their tennis trophies for the term. Every term they compete in fixtures alongside their tennis friends. They play 3 matches every week and the score is tallied and at the end of the Term the highest 3 scores recieve a trophy.

Mel 1st, Mat 2nd and B 3rd
They've been playing tennis now for 4yrs and still loving it :)
Last night Mel went on the computer and played on smartkiddies a maths website here in Oz land. Maths seems to come naturally to her and she really loves it. Mat loves the fact that the more they do on this website the more fun they get to have creating different virtual areas. At first they decorate their online bedroom, then they get to build a cubby house and then decorate the cubby house. As well they have an alien that grows from an egg :}and the more you play on the site the older this alien gets :]

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